Does the genre of my track matters?

The world of online music gives equal opportunity to classical, pop, rock, hip hop, soul, jazz and a thousand other genres. Audiences exist for every genre no matter how old or new your music is. We utilise this typical characteristic to popularise your music based on factors like genre, age, gender, lifestyle and many others. You can be assured of getting your share of fans all over the world no matter which genre of music you’re creating.

What is the best time frame to give a boost to my music?

Perhaps the most critical factor you consider while getting your music published and popularised. There are two aspects to timing:

1) Time to get popularity

2) Time to keep your music alive

We take both tasks with top priority to ensure concurrent and long term visibility of your music. The long lasting impact that your music will have depends on the quality of your music and the acceptance by fans.

Tips to get a higher play count

No matter which music genre you choose, be sure to make it genuine and absorbing. Always remember the short lived attention span of music fans.

At times it may be more difficult as you are targeting an invisible global audience. We urge you to make a good analysis and plan your plays so it matches with the current lifestyle of the listeners.

Catch up with our smart service

Our team creates stimulating and interesting channels to your musical creations at

These channels are in turn connected to millions of tributaries and distributaries all over the world. When a potential searches for the kind of music you have created, he is sure to find your songs, albums, and plays for sure.

This is made possible by the album and genre-sensitive technology we use for connecting your music with the global audience.

Get realistic reviews everyday

Every review of your music creates new methods to mold your performance in a better way. Streamedi ensures you get constructive comment and reviews every day. Lewd comments and unruly elements are filtered out even before they hit the screens.

Our sincere effort will be to get you increasing numbers of play counts every day. However, it purely depends on the way you have composed, mixed, remixed, edited and finished your genuine music. It is of critical importance that your creations are genuine in nature.

How does Streamedi help me overcome competition?

Streamedi is a platform where “win win” formula works to make every genre of music popular and reward winning in nature. We promote your musical creations in such a manner that it wins over the hearts of millions, without ever having to get into competition with anyone. Music is not a product which faces competition online. We at make every effort to lift your musical creations much above the levels of a product and make it artistically appealing, as long as it is genuine and high in quality.

What is the guarantee of success of refund?

Once an order is set in process there shall be positively no room for refund. The success of your album solely depends on how genuine, appealing and attractive it is. The viewers’ judgment shall be the only measuring stick for the success of your musical creations.

How long does it take for my music to become popular?

Really, it is a relative term. At Streamedi we open the channels of popularity and global visibility to your musical creations. Acceptance and appreciations of your music depends on the audiences alone. Streamedi does not enforce any illegal or unfair means to push any albums or musical creations in any manner.

What does it earn for me?

You earn global recognition, reputation, rewards and royalty. Payment terms and conditions are listed in your site’s terms and conditions column which you can read through. Once you accept them and get registered with Streamedi, you get all the guidelines and details of benefit. When your music has quality and it is genuine in nature, there is a bounty of wealth you can discover online. The cannels created by Streamedi are genuine and they earn you fixed revenues consistently.


Do I get any Statistics?

Yes of course. You get periodical updates about the progress made by your musical creation from to your email ID. You will know how exactly your music is performing every day.

What sort of audience can I Expect?

It depends on what kind of audience you wish to have. Simply speaking we can customize your audience according to your needs. One of the factors which influence the nature of audience is the genre of music you have created. If your music is generic in nature, you can expect views and plays from all age groups and genders. If you wish to have any specific groups of viewers we can make it happen.


Is there any fear of getting banned?

As long as your musical creation is genuine and remains within the limitations imposed by federal and state government laws related to musical album creations, there is no need for you to harbour such fears. You need to make sure that your albums are not anti racial, anti religious and anti community in any sense. It should not instigate or promote hatred, violence, abuse, gender bias and other socially unacceptable practices.

We only deliver real services, so this is completely legal. Your artist account, albums or songs won’t be compromised, we never banned anyone in more than 20,000,000 delivered streams.

What does it take to get promoted?

You need a genuine and good quality musical album, song, solo or group performance in our hand. When it gets posted at our team at takes up the task of connecting it with millions of music fans all over the world.

What does it take to get promoted?

You need a genuine and good quality musical album, song, solo or group performance in our hand. When it gets posted at our team at takes up the task of connecting it with millions of music fans all over the world.


How long will it take to complete the order for Normal Spotify plays

Our estimated delivery time for the “normal service” of Spotify Plays depends on the size of the order and is outlined below:
1k plays – 200 plays/day
5k plays – 250 plays/day
10k plays – 375 plays/day
20k plays – 500 plays/day
50k plays – 750 plays/day
100k plays – 1,000 plays/day
250k plays – 1,500 plays/day
500k plays – 2,250 plays/day
1.000k+ plays – 3.000 plays/day

If you prever another delivery speed, we can give you our Premium Spotify Service. Also be advised that if you order the same song multiple times (in example for different countries) these will be processed one by one. So for example: If you buy “song-x for 1k plays US and 1k plays UK” we will process 1k US first and once that is finished we will process the 1k UK.

(How much) will I earn from royaltys if I buy Spotify Plays

All our delivered plays are legit and count for royalties, however it’s quite difficult to calculate how much royalties you’ll earn exactly. Spotify does not provide a precise explanation about their royalty system. A way to check this is using Audiam Rates to get an estimate. If you are interested in knowing how Spotify royalties work, check the official information for Spotify artists.

How can I get the URL of my Spotify track?

  1. Go to your song on Spotify
  2. Click on the button with the 3 dots (At right of the “play” and “save” button)
  3. Use the option: “Copy Song Link

Is your question not answered below? Reach us by e-mail any time! We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.